Game took over 200' to play

16/07/16 04:40
i get the same thing when i play on my 0% setup, i don't see it as an issue though and went to figure out exactly how to play matches over 200'', so now i know how to get my team to play match after match... over 200'' every match.
reason i rather like knowing how to play these long matches at will is, i noticed that you actually get double or more skill than you would have in a normal 80'' match, but players don't seem to use any more energy in the long matches than in normal matches. my longest match i played so far was over 280'', that's 3X longer than a normal match, 3X skill but only 5 energy used.
16/07/16 11:38
Can't say I've noticed that proportion of extra TPs, but I most certainly have seen a massive reduction in energy with longer games.