Automatic Substitution

12/10/16 13:35
Hi guys,

As you can notice, substitutions has become a strong weapon to win games. The thing is if you are not online and your rival is, it is a huge difference on the last 30/40 minutes.

That's an issue within several time zones. Currently I don't have this problem but there's a lot of friends that championship games are at 4 am or 6 am... impossible to be online! Same with tournaments and Guild vs Guild games!

I suggest to add automatic substitutions, by position and by time. With this new feature you can avoid different time zones effect and make the game equal to everyone, no matter where you are based.

Hope you can do something similar to improve on that.


13/10/16 08:14
I like this idea! And I don't like this idea!

I like that it will be great for defending offline, but I don't like that the stronger teams will be harder to beat offline haha But in saying that I'm all for it

13/10/16 14:11
I like that more active players get an advantage of being online during matches. And my championships are in the middle of the night since im in the USA so this would also help me. So either way is cool with me. I wish we had more choice of when championship matches were played but then we would probably run into the same people all the time.
13/10/16 19:58
Hola Guille.
I'm glad you brought this up on here. It would also help if you're at work and can't manage to get a break at the right time like me.
RCA Salta
20/10/16 11:49
Being online and active has to be rewarded. This would not be rewarding it.
20/10/16 17:02
Bluemooners :

Being online and active has to be rewarded. This would not be rewarding it.

The issue is bluemooners that in a game that is played over many time zones will naturally disadvantage some members playing the game. The current timings of the championship matches disadvantage players in the Americas. Likewise some of the tournament matches are at inconvenient times for those in Europe.
20/10/16 23:26
I know what the issue is. Set your alarm.
26/10/16 00:46
Just to clarify bluemooners. It's not an issue for me. Hence your reply was unnecessarily agressive. It is an issue as who is going to set thier alarm for 4 or 5 am for a game. Would you?
Don't be a muppet.
28/10/16 18:17
This is a great idea and should be added in asap! I also think you should get a notification when anyone is about to play you so you can use in-game strategy
28/10/16 20:26
Agree Ashley. At least for gvg.