The Exiles looking for new players

23/05/18 19:20
Thats an easy one mate. We recruit! How? Well thats easy as well. We were at 16 members when the GC. Limit was introduced. Within two to three weeks we were full. We also have members with 2nd teams that can make up some of the numbers short term.

The senior guild will accommodate most of the stronger players and the junior guild will be the entry point. So that there is a promotional incentive for the smaller players. I suggest further that say three more senior players, Ranked in the 40 to 50's manage the junior guild. These three leaders would later progress up when a replacement progresses to take over.
23/05/18 19:28
Oh, If we do this we should not see this as us and them. We will be one that is in two guilds. Your stronger players and our stronger players will merge while the weaker players and new members will form the feeder guild.
23/05/18 19:33
We thought of Dirty Exiles, Exiled Ruckers, Rucking exiles, Exiled Dirt, etc. as examples of Guild names