#1 rank and top players are soft these days

Targaryen Dragons :

anyone who doesn't run on a treadmill for 80mins before each match is cheating

I can't even make 8 minute's. guess I'm a cheat.
Tukia :

My point being, you can beat anyone using SUBS or MB even (In tourney or championship matches). Anyone can sub, but a post earlier stating respecting the top players when they use sub is not respect in my opinion.

Try playing a game without using subs, any money you'll be crap without it.

I play rugby in real life and this game is not a reflection of real life.

Yes, Sub in real life, but to earn respect in this game using subs is a joke.

This is patently not true. It just isn't. Go and play the current no. 1 now in 3 friendlies in a row and tell us how many times you beat them with subs. Go on. Prove your point. Screen shots too please.
There is no such thing as No.1, merely a selection of top 50 players and others that couldn't be arsed that could join up to make a legit top 100 or more that could each be No.1. We've seen dozens and more. Who cares?

No.1 is a player that has spent £0, uses no MB, no subs, is in top level, is No.1 on ranking, no guild, is a hacker and totally gifted at a talent with no reward.

As for the OP you are twat...ridiculous and simply winding folk up. Get on with it wally.

A Unicorn
Oh wait...I am not allowed to say hack or cheat...that person is an IT specialist
Sure roughed up a few OLD feathers here Buahahahaha

Mission Accomplished.

Y'all know it's only a game.

The way we took you so seriously by joking throughout shows how devious a gemus you are