Patch 3.6

- Top 100 ranking!
- Level 21 buildings
- New premium packs
- For league levels higher than 23, tournaments will now start with 8 participants (instead of 16)
- 5% commission on player sold in auctions
admins Thank you, very nice upgrade ...
Good work on the tournaments and extra level buildings

Now lets get that junior centre
what does "New premium packs" mean?
And what's the 5% commission on player sold in auctions?
the premium packs will not be good for the game

The premium packs will not be good for the game.

I know you guys have to make money and I am sure many players will use this option. Within a couple of months there will be many teams with all maximum star players. Teams that do not pay money will have no chance to compete.

I can buy a star 165 player for 5 euro's, so 55 euro will give me a star team with only ronaldos and messis in it.
Yeah, agree with SA swans... You guys killed the game, all the hard work to get a decent team and now anybody can have loads of upgrades and star players in no time.
Has the update also resulted in only gaining 100 fans once your stadium hits. Level 21?
The premium packs are limited, so you can't fill a team with maxed out players.

SA Swans : It is harder to earn fans only over 140,000.
Okat, thanks Pierrot