The utterly complete and fully inclusive top guild rankings that is beyond debate

Your ranking mean nothing to anyome apart from a little inner comfort to you. You have a good guild but your doing it a diservice. WE are fighting superguilds and unbeaten in over 110 guild match ups, without any help, and against all odds. Lets draw a line, dont get sucked into superguilds and play straight just as we have done , and eventually you may gain respect.
This is your problem, you have a need to feel on an island. If someone says something nice or not mean about someone you hate that means they are that person. If you don't like the rankings, ignore them. If you want people to know that you got a draw when the deck was stacked, we have all heard it.
The game rankings are fine, thats what we are gauged on, its you who doesn't like the rankings. So you created your own. I have no problem with yours, we are realistically second behind the French guild as the super guilds change over so much its not pertinent.
Others like it, I like it, I will post it, you can ignore it. I have never asked you to read it or asked you to say it is the best ranking. I want people to try to be the best and not hide in low ranking, I hope having this ranking will help it. If you think it's good to hide down low (and I don't think you do since you don't) then I'm sorry. But for you to take the rankings so utterly personally for the mere fact that I wrote them.....unhealthy
I don't take it anyway way at all. I dont care for it or the other guild rankings. We have not sought to fill our guild even. What we want from guild challenges is max rps, and never to lose. So neither rankings worry, or in any affect us. But if it keeps you happy carry on. I will never comments on any post you make again, so long as you stop commenting on my guild and its members. Deal.
I honestly don't keep track of who is in your guild, I see posts i want to legitimately respond to. I know you think because you say I stalk I stalk. Truth is someone in your guild keeps sending me invites (odd how I cost all and create those), moaners has done countless friendlies vs me and I have done 0 to him, you have done countless against me and me 0 to you. I could say the sky is blue and you would tell me how wrong I am, the earth would be flat if I said it was round. And you and moaners are the only ones to proud, ignorant, or unhealthy to recognize the truth. I will carry on my rankings, with or without your permission, and I really am glad you are back as it is less boring with you. Please don't make it personal so you can stick around.
No worries monks no comments you equals no comments from me. Well be like trump and putin
The Man from Delmonte :

No worries monks no comments you equals no comments from me. Well be like trump and putin

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