Self proclaimed Legends......

You twist words often to try and be in control? Lol
guest_1457568765101 :

Mooners is still a 'Rat' and moron

No twisting. Cheerios. Oh, and last word isn't always right. Enjoy that psychoanalysis
I have already come to my conclusion on my analysis. You provoked some one badly on the field of play in a rugby game... or got badly injured and you hold a well of hatred against professional rugby players as in your head you 'missed your Big chance to make it or have never recovered from an injury...' how u like em apples'?
On the treadmill now mate. I played at levels higher than I ever dreamed I would. Keep guessing.
And pkease stop hiding behind an anonymous name and claiming you're a pro rugby player. You look silly
Oh come now 'Black Monks' I was being nice too u I gave u the benefit of the doubt that u have actually played rugby and are an American to give u an excuse for your behaviour 'mate'.. OK..your just a control freak troll one thing is for certain in this funny game is that u possess a lot of hate in u' pal' seek therapy 'dude'