BMRS renewed

We have a new record number of guild members in top 100 by one guild (16 by BIA) and a new overall record. Spuitpoep is also putting up impressive results at the top of the table.
1. Tranny Tuesdays. 887!
2. Spuitpoep. 527
3. Flying fijians. 243
4. Hellfire. 197
5. Legends. 196
6. Terranova. 190
7. Ball boys. 164
8. Phoenix. 99
Thanks BM. And well done Spuitpoep - saw you guys dominating the top 10 the other day. A few strong teams there. Some good SA representation in the top 20 overall. 10 as of this morning.
Where is Team Black Monks?
Where is Team Black Monks?
Sons of war, formerly team black monks, only had one team in the top 100. So even though I triple their points since they sucked up to me so well it still wasn't enough.