Constant engine changes are not exeptable..

Hey everyone! Happy holidays and soon new year, all the best to all of you!
Everyone is noticing the constant game engine changes, its happening every few days and I'm sure your all finding it as frustrating as we are (in that I include many top players from many top guilds, not just ours) as such I have drafted this to send to the powers that be in rm..
Please copy and paste the following with your own bit at the end if you agree and want it changed:

To whom it concerns,
It has been noted by many top players of the game, across many top guilds in the game, that you are changing the game engine every few days.
This is just not acceptable in a strategy based game that people pay money towards. you can spend hours reworking your strategy only to have the engine change the next day and everything be in vein.
It used to be once a month that the engine changed and we understand that this is necessary to update servers etc.. But this is beyond a joke. Top players are retiring every day and they are the ones who buy your offers and keep this game running! You need to address this problem immediately! I will tell all who are as concerned and annoyed as me to copy and paste this in a ticket to you so you can see the extent of top level players who all pay you and are furious by these constant changes.
Yours hopefully,
Andy keenan, the dreadlocked warriors
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