Scoring from the spot... a myth?

15/03/17 12:49
Has anyone scored from a penalty kick recently? If so, would they mind giving me some insight as to what it looks like? It has been so long since I've had success with one, forget how a successful penalty might appear on the screen. I can score, and have been scored upon, from free kicks just inside the mid-field line thru a maze of players, but from the spot, one on one with the keeper, nadda, nil, zilch, zero success, regardless of who on put on the ball, Thinking mite bring on the kit manager to try my next one.
15/03/17 14:47
I score pens regularly more times than not it appears only certain players are good at taking them I went through my entire squad nearly to find the perfect penalty taker and more times than not they just blast straight past the keeper doesn't even bounce off the keeper.
15/03/17 20:37
Not scored penalty for weeks, honestly.
17/03/17 11:22
I tried the try out every player for a while & found my goalkeeper was best but even then only about 30% & it left me wide open at the back so not a good idea you really need a striker otherwise you are leaving your opponent a chance of a fast counter attack
17/03/17 18:07
Not scored