Football Champions Classic (International)


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I bought credits in the bank but did not receive them

If the transaction was completed less than 15min ago, please be patient. If you have been waiting longer than that, please contact our support team.

In any case, no need to worry, you will receive your credits if the transaction was successful.

How can I get more vitamins?

You can purchase more vitamins in the Bank. Click on your vitamins to open the bank.

Can I get free vitamins?

Yes, there are several ways of getting free vitamins:

- Sponsor friends: Go to the sponsoring page in the Bank section to get your sponsoring link. Anyone you registers with your sponsoring link will earn you vitamins when their team reaches the defined goals (see the sponsoring page for details).
- Sponsorpay: It's a offer based system thats rewards you with free vitamins. Go to the Bank to start using it.
- In-game competitions: You are rewarded with free vitamins if you win the cup or certain leagues.