26/12/18 11:23

At all the damages, you have the biggest team but except the players who have the time difference the others are cowards, to attack the night is not fair play, with us 80% of the matches are played when you are present, I I am very disappointed with your behavior.....
26/12/18 11:46
who cares even in the slightest what you actually think?
your guild are only second because you all match fix,
I mean come on, if you had to stay up on your own every season you'd get relegated
you couldn't build a decent strat between you all
ivory/vmax the biggest over feared team in the game. top match fixer and top strat begger.
has had agreements with many guilds so he doesn't get played in training matches so he stays near the top!
little babies always one step behind.
let alone many of your guild buying strats! and begging sniper for his when he retiered.
26/12/18 11:48
look at my team and do not talk to me about arrangements
26/12/18 11:52
5th in division 77?
that's says it all and backs what im saying up.
24hrs of GVG time.
no rules to what time you can and cant play
do you not think people work nights? or are up with kids?
youll learn to take a DRAW with out crying one day
Your not even the second best guild any way
"IOAG" far better than you know
26/12/18 11:55

yes lvl 77 but I do not buy my players .....
26/12/18 11:56
ok but whats that got to do with damage vs le cag?
I mean you came to wage war and you brought your little white flag out when I called you out
typical French with there white flags
26/12/18 11:58
I do not know what you're talking about
26/12/18 11:59

British fair play is well known except that it has only the name
26/12/18 12:00
back to the drawing board. if I can make a suggestion?
100 rythem went out with the dinosaurs
26/12/18 12:04
this is not the subject of the conversation