11/09/18 01:54
Gold Fenglers :

Hi John.
I am disappointed by your reaction. But, I'll give respect for playing me, you could have said FU.

I don't know what advice you've been given. I do have some really good advice to give. I will leave it up to you, if you would like to see it.

Only a handful of players use the Forum. It a shame I haven't seen an exchange of ideas, because I thought this would be the point of it.

And good luck to you.

I'm happy to take tips from anyone but it isn't anything to do with scamming the game though is it?
11/09/18 03:22

No, not at all!
(Note to any 'viewers') I have given advice on tactics.
11/09/18 11:15
Thanks GF
11/09/18 11:46
Nice 1, John,
If you have any questions, I do look at the forum, from time to time, Just post 1 up. I'll be happy to answer (as long as I don't give to much away).
Good Luck.
11/09/18 18:25
He has now played 11 & has a G A of 98 that's 8.9 per game

It just gets more silly by the day
13/11/18 23:15
Christ you really have to downgrade a photo to get it on here
14/11/18 00:28
well they've changed there name cos I can't find them anymore under iranian champions