mix up the gc's a bit

05/10/18 00:08
I dont know about other guilds but the guilds i'm involved with i'm seeing the same guilds over and over and often i'll say to my guild oh we played this team on blah blah date and sometimes it;s not even been a week and we play the same team again i can't believe with over 200 guilds in the game we can't just face somebody different . For me im not overly bothered If we win or lose really as I no longer take the game serious I just wanna see a wider varation of the guilds we play, but far too often I actually remember the team theesedays and straight away you know who is good and who just isn't.

I think when your facing same guilds on repeat tho It shows you the lack of active guilds in the game I hope i'm wrong but it doesn't look good for the future of the game
05/10/18 12:09
We are finding the same
07/10/18 01:12
I'd happily face any of your guilds but keep getting inactive Iranian ones

Guess the day might come, maybe, but in the meantime enjoy your wins!
15/10/18 17:22
its no different to before we were getting the same one's then the only way we would get different one was by losing loads of fans or gaining them so its basically the same but not like before your getting more guilds the same level as you