7's Tournament

29/01/17 13:41
I was reading an earlier post on how the game can get a bit boring after a while. I have an idea: how about a 7's tournament? Have both a15's and a 7's tournament. Pick your best 7 players. But implement a rule: must have at at least 2 players of 3 colours on the pitch at any time. Also pick a squad of 12 ( high injuries ratio) - test depth of a squad and increase auction for certain type of players. Also test more dynamic player development. Training players for 7's may weaken their performance in 15 a side. Also have it over 3 days with pools and a bowl, shield, plate and cup. Also match bonus allowed but in knockouts you can use only twice so allows some thinking and planning for us as club directors. It will be really fun and because 1-3 players are likely to be injured, it balances out team selection. If someone puts all his best players in his first match and three are injured then the next two teams will have a player advantage. To also highlight a earlier point, 7's requires a different emphasis on strategy and plier development. This I hint is the most fun thing. Testing skills of passing, tackling safely, ruck coordination, acceleration rather than speed will be more important than brute skills in the 15 a side. For strategy, will need to take risks on the general rather than on detail. One strategy may be so good against team A but awful against team B. Oh and a last thing, sevens have 3 short games in one day and then for knockouts, how far you go, how many games you will play the next day. Final at night, first game in the morning. More demands for heal kits, money and acquiring different players in auction. Win win.