5 days of one time offers to buy a player for 100 USD

10/11/18 04:24
!00 USD for a player, what idiot has thought out this marketing campaign?
Give me a decent price so I can buy players, 100USD is mad.
11/11/18 10:14
6 days and no response
13/11/18 17:57
8 days and no response
13/11/18 17:58
8 days and no response
13/11/18 21:57
Maybe you’d need to submit a ticket one more time instead
15/11/18 01:47
After 10 days I can buy a player for 50 USD, what are you guys thinking here?
18/11/18 07:38
After 13 days (a whole season), I still can't buy a player for less than 50 USD. Besides that you haven't reacted on this ticket since 12 days. The helpdesk service is a joke.
19/11/18 12:10
Hey Sam. So from my experiences of using my good old visa is that the more players you buy in quick succession the more you will pay for each of them. So lets say your first was $5, then the second will cost you $10 if you buy immediately, the 3rd will be $20 and so on. However, after your 1st purchase of a $5 player the lowest you will buy them for is now $10. So, when you buy a $10 player, wait a few days and the price will drop again from the new price of $20 back down to $10. You can normally buy 2 or 3 players per season (including the off season too) using this sensible technique.

Hope that makes sense, if not please do ask.