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02/08/19 17:11
Tony Stank :

3) You had a fantastic season the season before. It is rare to come top in the league in two consecutive seasons on the top level. It is less rare to come top or top 2 one season and relegation the next.

although i dont dissagre with this, rucking bronco managed back to back unbeaten top league seasons along with winning the top 3 three seasons in a row with only one lose in them three seasons, extreamly rare though

Rucking Broncos was a fecking legend to be fair. Definitely in my top 5 of all-time players. The guy seemed to be able to read the game perfectly and adapt his strat to suit. A rare talent.

A couple of guys from our guild have managed top spot in consecutive seasons too (not sure if that stretches to 3 though). They are bloody good. Each one of them has fallen to the SN curse though and have had terrible off seasons and met with relegation.

Crusaders is the latest example of this. He's a real natural too and won top level 2 seasons in a row, unbeaten in both (he had a draw or two I believe). He's currently relegated with me.