New League Promotions

27/03/16 11:34
The new promotion system is a joke already with 3 going up 2 lvls towards the end of the season teams are frantically throwing games or trying to to drop out of the top 3 it's quite a laugh to see some of the stupid results being thrown up and the levels teams will go to to not win, money is not incentive for teams who earn enough already maybe if RP's were the reward and enough to make a difference and help you improve your squad for the promotion them maybe teams would want to win and the throwing of games would stop
27/03/16 14:13
I agree with this. How are you supposed to win games if you are the lowest rating squad
28/03/16 23:24
If you get promoted, you can train your players to a higher level and buy better players. You may have one poor season, but will be better prepared for the following season than if you had not been promoted.
Throwing games to not get promoted is not very bright or thought through.
03/04/16 11:57
You're right you can "buy better player".... Just hope you've been saving around 3000 recruiter points for ONE of your new higher level squad. The recruiting system is fundamentally flawed.
04/04/16 13:52
Why would I pay 3000 for one player when I could get a whole better team for that money?
Unfortunately, too many people seem to want to dumb this game right down. It's the things like developing winning strategies, and buying and developing useful players from unpromising-looking ones that makes this game fun. What would be the point if everyone could buy all the 18 year old players they wanted with maximum stats for 100 points each, and if everyone used the same tactics?
Players are out there at every level that will improve your team, and they're not all expensive. You do have to work a bit to find them, though, and some are very tricky to find - I've not been able to even find a 9 for 3 seasons, never mind afford one.
Anyway, I was expecting a terrible season this time round, but have already got more wins than I was expecting all season, partly thanks to a few players who have improved my squad by just a few points, and partly by saving training points from last season for key skills.