Trouble makers

12/05/16 16:07
Hi guys. Thought this could come in handy while recruiting. My guild got a new member: "prophets", he worked his way up to right hand and then proceeded to kick all our members out of the guild. He said it was compliments from another guild.... He has now changed his name to "007's". Beware of this trouble maker!
12/05/16 21:25
Cheers for the heads up!
13/05/16 10:43
cheers ... what a toss he is
14/05/16 14:07
Seems as if he (they) have struck again and taken another top 20 guild out. So far these "attacks" have been on higher ranked South African guilds (as far as I am aware).
14/05/16 20:41
Thanks for heads up
15/05/16 18:29
Hello they did it to us kicked the members 007 and Demolition and snipers. And snipers is in the guld only rsa think some one must let them no what is snipers plan
15/05/16 21:56
And 007s is in SA Inglorious Bastards. Real nasty pieces of work those three.
17/05/16 05:21
007s has changed his name to honey badgers he is now in Only RSA
17/05/16 06:36
great tracking
17/05/16 09:08
Yeah he can change his name all he likes. We will find him. He tried to destroy our guild Springbok Legends and I believe he did the same to SA Boys. He didn't realise we are tight knit guild and we all came back together. He kicked all remaining members not in GC at the time.

His previous alias Prophets, 007s, Honey Badger