Training Matches

01/06/16 13:13
My team are a 69.7 star team but all the teams I am able to play against are 77+ stars. When I'm the away team, in training matches, the opposition are 77+ stars, even when I replace them I still get teams 10 stars average better than mine. Why aren't I allocated some 59 star teams? I don't mind playing better rated teams but these are averages so I can be playing teams with 80 star players in them so have no chance in winning and adding to my fan base.

Come on when allocating teams for training matches there needs to be team plus and minus 10 stars, otherwise this seems unfair.
01/06/16 14:18
It's apparently based on fans again, not star rating
07/06/16 10:53
This is something that would need to be addressed. We have several players complaining that they get drawn against opponents 5 or 6 levels higher than them and they can't build up any fanbase due to this
07/06/16 11:15
They need to take a more balance approach to the game. If you think about it, in real life fans won't turn up unless there's a decent team to watch. Your guys need to invest in better players relative to their stadium size, then the problem goes away. I blame Field of Dreams.
07/06/16 11:41
Based on that logic players should be limited on how far they can upgrade their stadium based on their team strength so I'm not in agreement. I've had my stadium fully upgraded by around level 12/13 and currently I'm sitting on level 19, all good and well I can maintain a full fanbase but what about the other guys that manage the same by level 12/13 now? Makes it a pointless exercise to upgrade your stadium unless you are in the top 4 levels if they continue to put these smaller guys against players rated several levels higher.
07/06/16 11:53
It's a management/strategy game. Good management requires you keep the respective strands in balance, surely? Of course it's a pointless exercise over-upgrading your stadium and expecting the fans to fill it immediately. It's a pointless exercise trying to have more fans than your team can generate. The ONLY reason to expand your stadium quickly is to build more strategy buildings, which helps your team improve, and allows you to have more fans. The team has to come first! I blame the guild leaders who insist on high fan numbers to improve their guild rating. They've rather missed the point of the game.
07/06/16 12:23
your argument makes no sense about fan base, currently i am in level 13, have 126,350 fans, yet the teams that I have in the training matches are level 16+ and the highest fan base is 101,000 and the lowest is a guy on level 18 on 80,000+ fans.

these guys have an average rating of 80+, so how am I to play training games and earn fans against these teams.

surely it would only be fair that if I get training matches, it should be max 2 levels higher than me and at least +5 average max above me.
I don't ever get teams raked lower than me or the same level.
07/06/16 12:35
Well you're not likely to with your number of fans - it's fans it goes by. I agree that's not perhaps the most sensible way, but that's the way it is.
07/06/16 12:49
Could a request to change this be logged somewhere. I honestly feel bad when playing against the smaller teams but I have to to keep my supporters up and earn some training points
07/06/16 22:57
you do realise that your logic doesn't make sense, in the training games you get a reward that is fixed (a measly figure of 135,000 coins) and is actually not based on fans, its the champ games and guild challenge games where you get paid for the number of fans that you have.

you have teams with far fewer fans than you actually have and are ranked by +10 average on you that play against you in a training game. training games that you practise are meant for you to practise your stragey against equally same opponents, not teams rated much higher than you. the training games should also be used as a platform to use in the champ and guild challenge games.

the current setup is merely used as a way for higher ranked players to get an easy accumulation of fans by the higher ranked players when they lose fans when they compete with the same level players in their champ games and guild challenges.

i think this should be rectified and changed cause at the moment, the lower ranked teams are just being used as scapegoats by the higher ranking teams.

when you get challenged by the higher ranking teams and lose, you also lose fans, which I think is not fair