The 140 k club MB queens

24/07/16 17:29
Another top 10 guild embarassing themselves and the game by using MB. Retire guys your useless without MB.
24/07/16 17:38
Totally agree, it's a disgrace when the "6th" best guild in the game has to resort to using MB just to manage a draw against a guild outside the top 10. 140k club are a joke.
24/07/16 17:39
[quote="Birkinhead Park"]
Another top 10 guild embarassing themselves and the game by using MB. Retire guys your useless without MB.[/quote

I can't believe they did use full mb on some of our top teams!! They are supposed to be a top ten guild but still they feel the need to use full mb!! WTF

You have to be in a really tight spot to use full mb!!
24/07/16 17:49
And remember they are supposed to be one of the 10 best guilds in this game!! If that is how a top 10 guild works, i am glad we are not in the top 10! Because they can't stand to lose against another guild who isn't in the top 10!! I truly hope you are ashamed about what you did!! AND that all , just to not lose!!!
24/07/16 18:35
Haha, Phantom just challenged me in a friendly while my team is at 65% fatigue and I still beat him 21-10.
24/07/16 18:47
Hahahaha lol!! Well done
24/07/16 19:03
Sore losers!

Blue Bulls that's an outright lie. Your team was on full energy during our friendly, I checked that's why I played you because I know you used MB yourself. You did start a training session AFTER our friendly and lo and behold you decided to change your strategy to a ridiculous one by starting kickoffs on my 12. That's okay, I'll play some more friendlies later to check again...

And don't tell me it's about strategy when your starting 15 are all 150* (Gilbert and Caernarfon). When a sub-100* team uses 50% MB they are STILL not as "strong" as you. When our teams are equal in star rating, let's talk again about match strategy. Until then or if and when MB is removed, I guess this impossible impasse will continue. I'm sorry it hurts that your superior teams got beaten a few times and heck you may still win the guild challenge and get some precious fans and recruiter points.

Fortunately I see this as only a game. If the game are frustrating you so much, why don't you retire?

Until next time, cry some rivers.
24/07/16 19:29
Oh please phantom, stop talking kak. I flattened you 28-3 with zero MB, you then played me while I was 65% fatigued and still beat you 10-21, then I turned off my strategy when I saw you were trying your luck AGAIN. Why should I leave my strategy on and give you a free lesson on what proper tactics look like rather than just maxing MB like your guild are clearly doing!
Ask KickAss how much MB he used to beat me. He lost 10-14 then won 47-0! Then when I challenged him on 100% health I flattened him 49-0.
24/07/16 20:01
It's a game guys..... Match bonus is a part of it, and while match bonus is a part of the game I don't see why people shouldn't use it......Those who don't use it.... Credit to you. But don't start complaining about the ones who do.

I too wish it was removed, but it appears that it won't be. So we all just have to get on with it. If you are going to get upset over it... Don't play the game.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday's.


24/07/16 20:52
Fleetline, you are right and I apologize. My frustration was directed at your guild when it should have been directed at the developers. I want MB removed from this game so badly and get very grumpy when I lose because of it, especially in a GvG when it's only available to the home team. I don't use it, ever, period.
You've played a few very good games in this GvG and are a credit to your guild. Not many people manage a defensive win against Dave.