So long and farewell from Coach qBaLL

01/02/17 13:41
The time has come for me to move on to greater things and as such the old smelly boots will be hung up (or put on auction if somebody is into that thing)

Over the past year and a half I have managed to make many new friends and frenemies and to all of you thank you for the fun and interesting times, it has been a blast!

The best of luck to all of you and hopefully catch you in rugby manager 3!
01/02/17 14:40
BOOOOOO, we all need our friends and frenemies to stay. Qball, you are added to the ever growing list of great players leaving the game. And as with all the others I hope the metaphorical needle of rm gets back to you and you return. Best of luck
01/02/17 20:28
One of my fav players in the game and someone who's posts I've always enjoy reading on here.

Farewell fella.

01/02/17 22:14
A great player and always helping others on the forums. Coach qBall, you will definitely be missed. RB
01/02/17 23:04
Took a look at the Touchdown Manager bulletin board and saw you moderating there qBall, so hope that game continues to deliver for you.

You've been one of the best contributors on here for sure. Before you go, please reveal exactly how you make your 12 rocket propelled
02/02/17 14:17
Thanks for the kind words gents, means a lot to me.

I used to feed my 12 some viagra pills before the game, he used to take out some eyes but it worked well
02/02/17 14:46

It has been a true honor playing with you and having you as a right hand as well. Worth every penny spend. hahaha

You will be dearly missed and hope that all goes well for you in the future. Anytime you want to start up again we will be here waiting with open arms.

Thanks for all the constant help in guild and all the chatter believe me it is GOING TO BE MISSED BIG TIME!!!!!!!!!

From your Rugby manager family and the one hung like a Hobbit.
02/02/17 15:11
What a loser!!! Oooohhh, look at me, I'm leaving the game. What a dumbass!!! Hhahaha, just kidding Q dog. It was awesome being able to play next to you and to be able to call you a team mate. Now you're a mate forever! All the best with your new business!!!
02/02/17 20:20
Hahaha thanks gents! And Hilly, my last bit of motivation just for you.... you know you're the loser!
03/02/17 06:46
All the best fit the future!