Good Defence

03/07/17 18:35
Have to commend a player from Caru Rygbi.
Gareth's greats single handed destroyd my guild with his defence. Welldone chap you deserve every penny you made .
05/07/17 15:26
Eleven defences in a GvG! Is that a record? Well played sir.
05/07/17 16:16
I have seen more but they were defenses against teams trying to lose. If all attempts were legit, or eegit, then it's the most I have heard of.
05/07/17 19:46
We've had two players with 12 legitimate defences each and I'm sure there are others with more.
05/07/17 21:14
Wolves in Arena made 35 according to their guild page.
05/07/17 22:16
We had 2 players with 13 Defences before. but Gareth's defences was legit