Pre organize the subtituitions for the next game

05/09/17 06:23

I don't quit ....but is really sad, for sure I'll never give a cent of euros in the game.
I Think that there are some people that maybe are lucky or just young who probably have more time than me...they already can ask and give more heals and they can also look more the market. More than this is always better to choose the substitutions during the game than just presetting before....

Welcome to online mobile gaming. Some people will pay to win, some will obsessively spend hours on the game every day, others will be more casual. It isn't a level playing field, it never will be.

I'd like to see the voting tread because I didn't see that, please Coach send me the link. Maybe an Idea can be to do this but very no more than 3 changes....this would put the game also in choosing correctly the bench and the players that are not in the 22...can be so easy and so much more real.
Is an advantage that doesn't depend by the team

A more logical idea would be to suggest selecting a match day 23. So subs can only be made from a selection of 8 players. It is not realistic that an injured player will always be replaced by someone from their position. For example, in RL see the team Wales finished with v England RWC2015 (10 @ 15, 9 @ 11, 14 @ 13).
05/09/17 10:28
Is very much more realistic the change between same position than between a prop and a wing....
05/09/17 10:30
Saying this you still tell me that I'm right
05/09/17 11:07
Guest ELS8UQ :

Saying this you still tell me that I'm right

Nope, I'm saying that the automated injury subs should come from a normal bench of 8 players. I still think manual subs (also ideally from a bench of 8) are a better idea.

You see, traditionally a bench may be a 5-3 split (1,2,3 plus a lock, back rower, scrum half, outside half and an outside back). You cannot always make a like for like swap.

Additionally have you ever seen a prop replace a winger automatically? If you have it is probably because your squad size is too small
05/09/17 11:28
28 players? I'd a wing and a prop and the computer choose a wing instead than a prop.
05/09/17 12:10
Guest ELS8UQ :

28 players? I'd a wing and a prop and the computer choose a wing instead than a prop.

What is your team name, guild name and who was your opponent? We can take a look at that and see why. It goes against game programming and player experience so many of us would like to see it to try and figure out the cause to help.
05/09/17 14:25
Gran Tarajal
05/09/17 14:53
Guild and opponent? We can't look you up without the guild. The devs I think don't want to risk harassers, just my assumption, and so we don't have individual search.