can someone help me out?

08/04/20 04:19
would anyone like to join my guild to help me build it up?
i will point you leader and you can help me.
my guild is RAMPAGE.
join and say on chat it you
08/04/20 12:24
No. I don't think I will.
08/04/20 23:39
Hi Bulls , Ashley here from Blackvenom I keep watching your guild and you've not done bad. One thing I did when I was making the guilds i've been leaders of is I gave everyone exp the reason I did this is because a newcomer can only write msg on chat , send and recieve heals. However if you give every member exp they can also help send invites but they don't have the powers to kick anyone out unless you make them a right hand or leader, So i'd make everyone exp and ask however many members you've got to send as many invites as possible then your not by yourself trying to recruit and your also getting more to send invites out getting you noticed in the game.

Hope it helps good luck I may join you with my 3rd side give you a boost
08/04/20 23:51
Please do! hows your guild going?