Patch 5.3

20/12/16 15:37
New ranking system!
- Win a training match to take the place of your opponent in the leaderboard!
- Training matches are now limited to 5 matches per day (so choose your opponents wisely)
- Match bonus is not applied to training matches
- Increased fan rewards

Fan loss for these matches is disabled until 1st of january (in order for the ranking to settle)
20/12/16 15:50
Do you enjoy making people quit? Is that your personal objective to have an all Iranian game? cos if it is let me know so I know not to waste my time playing.

Thanks in advance

So correct me if i'm wrong here Pierro anybody can play anyone regardless of health so I could be challenged whilst on 60% health my team is wrecked from an intensive training and then to top it all off I lose 1000 fans per loss ? Really not happy about loosing 1000 fans per loss for a game I have no control over if they play me and what happens if someone plays me and I win do I get a reward for that an increase in fans maybe would be nice?
20/12/16 17:44
I like it ashley. Its better then the little teams being battered by pl team.. red mancs.. chris milano.. gareth and man united who are tactical geniuses with immense teams.. they will have a challenge and playing teams around your level will be good for game.. has its pros and cons but i like it
21/12/16 01:03
Will, u are correct. As one of those "little" teams I do like the new system because there is no advantage gained by a 150-plus quality team playing someone 50 points lower like myself. Never used a match bonus in a training match so no loss there. Ashley, there was always a worry about taking an intensive training period, everyone takes them and u might catch someone ahead of u in one of those too;,However, it might be nice if you could "shut down" your team from competition during one of those so that no challenges can take place for at least two or three of those hours, As a relatively newcomer to this game, I speak from personal experience only.
21/12/16 08:56
I must say willian i think it is a risk when they take there intensivs training.. i personally never use it.. i always got for quick short half hours as i am fairly active and i feel it benefits me more.. i now know my reserve team is now enjoying not getting hammered 5 times a day.. i like the fact the big teams will have to plan there training better as i feel we have had an easy ride upto now.. not being challenged in training matches and that.. i love being able to test myself in training games against pack players.. there is no fun in winning games 10-15 nil
24/12/16 10:14

Totally correct this idea is just bloody stupid
So do they want to kill the game off because they certainly look like they do
24/12/16 11:37
Maybe the trick would be play 5 crap teams who you know you will stuff straight after midnight so you don't get beaten by a slightly lesser team later in the day
24/12/16 15:58
after about a week of the new training game set up the idea is good but when you start losing fans again it be disastrous as you will only be able to play 5 games no problem with that thats the good part because if your lucky enough and win all 5 thats 5000 fans extra but the fault still lies when your challenge as you can never prepare for it as in league; tournaments and even gc games;so when they flick the switch to if you lose a training game you lose 1000 per game theres a potential of losing 20000 or more a day as i can not see a limit on the times you can be challenge so that is totally wrong in my opion
24/12/16 16:36
I agree with Taffy if this happens I won't be playing just to make it known to any admin who reads.
24/12/16 16:40
i doubt if i will either i be down to no fans before i know it lol