22/05/19 10:14
Anyone else unable to login to there team i've been unable to login to my team since 22/5/19 around 7 Uk time this morning. I've tried it on multiple devices and it's as tho I don have a team and I've never played the game before as its wanting me to start fresh
22/05/19 10:55
Looks like they hacked your account mate
22/05/19 11:56
o yes apparently i'm now Kieran woods wtf this is Ashley by the way not whoever Kieran is? can someone tell me whats going on I'm now linked to my second team on my main fb which should link to my main rebels team not Dark destroyer?
23/05/19 18:38
Sounds like a hack but could just be a screw up once every time I logged on it took me to a new start from scratch team contact support & hope for the best they sorted it for me in 3-4 days