Penalise players played out of position

25/08/16 14:56
When I look through teams that I'm due to play I see many with backs in the front row and visa versa. I know you can allocate training points to improve a winger or centres scum/line out/ruck abilities but I suggest that a player playing out of position, i.e. winger playing prop, shouldn't perform as well as the correct player so I would to see a 10% reduction in ability for a player played out of position.
26/08/16 00:53
This has been discussed before, and I agree.

I think it would also work better if players didn't have a position.

Or maybe even add another page of attributes for experience in each of the current 10 position types. 18yo players could start with 20/100 in each position and each game they play in a position increments it by an amount and decrements those points from other positions. So you'd have to try to distribute their 200 points cleverly, with an annoying bit of randomness thrown in. Experienced players would have their positions nailed, but you'd need to recruit and trial your reserves carefully.
20/09/16 00:57
Agree. Crap that I'm about to face a team that is all flankers/no8s because their stats were obviously better than the available alternatives (and you rarely find a high level scrum half to buy).
This needs sorting quickly Sublinet!
22/09/16 00:13
So what Tim? In real life a player doesn't turn up at a club with a number tattooed on his back determining the only position he can play. If you have the right skillset why shouldn't you change your position?
25/09/16 21:32
I think many of us in real life have played more than one position based on team need and also our own changing abilities with experience first and then with aging. Train the player you want.
25/09/16 23:30
Cool. So should we have tied sand bags to jonah lomu then seeing as he started his Rugby career as a forward?
27/09/16 14:32
sure there are some players that can play across multiple positions even making major moves from forwards to backs but it isn't the norm and these players are uncommon. There should be a penalty otherwise why give them a positional number! also it makes players work harder to manage their teams
27/09/16 17:39
I agree, why give numbers? If i am a manager of my team and a kid comes to me and says he is a scrum half and i say he is a prop, guess what, he's a prop. Also, how many times do we see a hooker playing outside the wing in today's game? The game is fluid and not as rigid as times past. Embrace the new and improved game where speed, stamina and skills are important at every position
02/10/16 20:05
Players shoukd be penalised for playing out of position. Perhaps just forwards in the backs and vice versa. A whole team of flankers is pretty ridiculous.
03/10/16 00:25
I love the thought you put into that substantial tiating your point of view and pointing out the errors of others thoughts.