Few suggestions to make the game more “realistic”

27/09/18 08:48
Hi Guest,
I get your points and I understand this Forum is for discussion. But I will repeat what I earlier stated, your suggestions would not fit into SN's business model.
I would prefer the 'subbing' aspect to be removed from the game completely. But, again, doesn't suit the 'model'.
I would prefer to be paid in bitcoin every time I won a comp game - doesn't suit the 'model'.
Team energy is an important consideration to keep your team highly ranked. I have asked the question, yet you still failed to answer it. Until you address this, there can never be a 'true reflection'.
27/09/18 09:57
OK Peanut, btw, I'm Dexter, currently in top 100.
Do you have an offline strat? Or do you put 90+ rythym on and sleep, and watch your team run out of energy by 48min....
If the "no subbing" map structure don't fit into SN's model, then I totally understand, but at least allow for any restrictions around the friendlies to be gone... It needs to be all the same standard, from friendlies, tournaments, gc's to championship matches.

27/09/18 12:02
Hi Guest,
I totally agree with what you state about 'friendlies' I refer you to the Bugs thread - topic 'Please use the same game code'. Where this is discussed.
I don't actually have an offline stat, I just leave up my last tactic. If a team beats me while I'm offline, fair play. Ranking matches don't interest me atm, the league is everything. I will have a look for you and give you something approaching a game, lol.
27/09/18 12:11
Cool Bud.