training points

13/12/16 16:47
Why can I assign, for instance, "kick accuracy" to a defensive lineman (or any lineman, or anyone other than a kicker)? You should have just the attributes that matter show for a particular position. Also, you should be able to sort according to these stats to find out who has the weakest recovery rate or all the players who are sixty in a certain attribute.
13/12/16 17:01
oh, and, it would be cool if you could buy training points and shift them to any player instead of getting, say, one or two each....get maybe twenty five points for ten gold balls, spend them on any player or players
13/12/16 17:34
To buy training points, use the "Quick training" in your training facility
14/12/16 06:15
yep, got that, PierrotLL, but what I'm talking about is buying POINTS, not buying one or two points for each player. Get twenty five points for ten gold footballs, let's say, and give them all to your kicker to improve his kick accuracy to maximum quicker, for instance.