27/01/18 04:17
Would like to know if anything is being done to stop the hacking in this game, the amount of players i come a cross hacking is unbelievable.
27/01/18 08:57
how do you know ?
27/01/18 08:58
sure they aint just good players ?
27/01/18 09:02
good team you got i don't know how you aint higher than your level tbh
27/01/18 16:21
tbh its easy to spot lol. i've played teams 20 lvl's below me yet all there players are way faster then mine. Also there is a sites selling Hacks for this game.
28/01/18 09:38
What are the sites selling hacks ?... Sweet-cheat Nitro must be unaware of them, or are they getting a cut of the spoils from that as well as stitching us non Irani guilds up !
28/01/18 17:46
it's true just type into google sweet nitro hacks basically tells you how to get 50 goldballs for nothing 100 whatever you want
28/01/18 20:36
Ashley or for that matter anybody else

Beware some of those are fake sites & even if you have been on one that gives you genuine imfo you need to run a full internet security scan plus anti spyware scan if you don't have anti spyware download the free version of Spybot & also do a total registry clean best thing for that is CCleaner but make sure its the Piriform one not one of the fake ones with the same name by another Company(s) & if you want to be totally sure also download & use the Reason software company's herdProtect .

The FREE versions of all of these are really good & none of them clash with any other security products. if you have never used spybot before expect it to as its the first time to take forever to scan everything once it downloaded, updated & applied immunization & be sitting down before you look at the results of the first system scan as you may get a nasty shock at how many it finds I have known of people who thought their computer was clean to run it for the first time & it has found several thousand.

There will always be ways of hacking something like this but unless you are an expert you could end up with all sorts of s*** on your PC/laptop inc ransomware hidden inside some very sophisticated Trojans that can get past even the best internet security