Scoring from penalties

12/02/18 19:04
I get plenty of penalties but I can’t remember the last time I scored from one . Free kicks seem to be ok as I get a reasonable number of goals but not penalties . Any suggestions

12/02/18 22:38
play around with different players taking them I score some not many but I do score them occassionally
12/02/18 22:50
I scored from one the season before last
13/02/18 00:38
What's a penalty?
13/02/18 10:13
What is a penalty, MK = When TotteringHam players dive in the box !!! Good win over Arsenal though.
Are you bored yet in your own quiet guild, mate.....send one of your numerous teams over to one of the Strikers guilds......
.... Liverpool65.
13/02/18 12:27
Haha oh yes forgot we have Dele "Tom Daley" Alli in our ranks... Thanks, I particularly enjoyed that victory, should have scored 5 though! And maybe mate, let them have some downtime with Nil Desp for a while and then we'll see
13/02/18 12:50
OKAY . send over a small team, we will teach them how to stay on feet and use skills to score !

Is Delli Ali in England team at Commonwealth games or Diving team just watch videos of his technique !