Suggested change to GvsG

19/02/16 11:33
The top guilds don't seem to like the idea of the match bonus as they keep getting draws as lower level teams play max bonus to beat them! As that is part of the game quite frankly tough! Changing tactics doesn't work when a 60* team is up against 100* players!

So what can be done! Instead of guilds being randomly selected against each other have top 10 guilds vs each other and then 11-20 vs 11-20 and so on. As guilds improve and go up the rankings you will get to play guilds in the next bracket!

As guilds would be more evenly matched match bonus would become less of an issue!

Interested in other players views on this.
25/02/16 15:21
Good idea but not so simple to bracket when some guilds are simply not interested in entering
26/02/16 00:42
Its true it can be tough sometimes, but isn't it worth playing the games to get the ticket revenue and the skill bonuses which improve your team. Its all experience. perhaps the 10% limit rule the may be offered in professions sports as an incentive to motivate the teams, should be put in place.
As I understand it, the game does select the team closest to your own teams level when it picks, so they should be as fair as possible (please correct me if I am wrong)