More than one guild leader

03/03/16 23:04
Anyone know how or can you have more than one guild leader?
04/03/16 08:20
04/03/16 12:13
You can't set a second leader. That is the right-hand rank purpose. Right-hands has exactly the same powers as the leader.

When the guild leader comes inactive, one of the right-hands is automatically set as leader, so he can remove the old one. That's why some guilds have 2 leaders.
08/03/17 19:59
Saw a guild with 3 leaders, recently, don't know how that works
08/03/17 20:00
Carshalton colts if you do then how?
08/03/17 22:11
This goes back a year when we had two leaders. It was a support issue. Fhey would have left it like that as well but the inactive one was obviously taking up a space in the guild too.
08/03/17 23:03
guest_1442691344653 :

Carshalton colts if you do then how?

It's as Pierrot says. If the leader is inactive for a long enough time, an RHM is automatically promoted. If the new leader is also inactive then another RHM is promoted. In theory, the whole guild could become leaders this way.