Dropping the Ball

15/04/17 08:14
Is anyone else really struggling to enjoy the game the past few days? They've made defenders quicker and made hand-off aggressiveness super sensitive to penalties. So now most people kick and chase for 80% of the game - BORING. But the worst is my players seeming inability to hold onto the ball... they keep dropping it in a tackle. This didn't happen before. I can dominate the game but lose by 2 tries to none, because my wing gets tackled on the opposition try line, drops the ball, and the opposition picks up the ball and runs 95m to score. The latest changes have made the game less about creating space and tries, and more about just capitalizing on your opponent's mistakes. Anyone else battling with these issues?

I don't mind changes, but in my view these latest changes have made the game far, far less enjoyable.
15/04/17 21:31
22/04/17 16:00
Yep, it's now very boring. This season will be my last unless it gets changed back to the old format.