Pub proclamation

28/09/17 14:45
Hear ye hear ye

While your efforts remain focused on the pirate flag ordeal and sweet nitros unacceptable lack of response, I would like to request that we not also lose focus of the impending update. We as rugby players (ranging from pro to fictional to both) must have access to a quality pub. We have been neglected for too long. While I understand the need for a pub in the soccer game is not present due to the inherent antisocial behavior, and flopping, behaviors of soccer players, we ruggers must have a place to commune with our bellies to the bar. It is our right and we must continue to force sweet nitro to ignore us.

I hereby propose a formal request that we demand a pub that allows us to enter and in the pub we can converse with others outside of our guild if we so chose. Drinking is not required but if you aren't drinking we aren't required to let you remain.
28/09/17 17:15
I'll second this.
28/09/17 20:11
About time i will 3rd, 4th and 5th this
04/10/17 09:05
Plus 8th socks.
04/10/17 09:38
One of the fallen legends of the game :

Plus 8th socks.

Yup and 39th
08/10/17 03:14
Any news el presidente?