Transferring account to new phone

10/12/17 09:15
Hi there,

How can I transfer an account to my new device?
It's not linked to Facebook or Google play. Any ideas?

10/12/17 09:57
Log a support ticket, they should be able to assist.
10/12/17 11:00
Thank you, I'll try that now
10/12/17 22:54
Your account is online rather than on a particular device, download the game on new device and log-in however you normally do.

(PS yes I know devices store data about the game, a bit like cookies, but these are helpers the real data is on remote server)
24/12/17 21:18
I had this problem like this recently.
My account was linked to my facebook and my google account, however when i got a new phone i couldnt get my account
it just kept saying invalid google account. and when i logged in via facebook on my phone it gave me a new account
every time i logged into the game on facebook via my laptop (which i couldnt use much due to the fact it was in poor way) my normal account would be there
it took 17 days for this problem to be fixed. resulting in me losing £40m perday as well as two watsted leagues due to me not being able to log on and make subs ect
i was in division 51 at the time.
ive spent £720.76p with sweetnitro (A lot i know but was only £15 per week)
i lost 6 players due to retierment without getting any use out of them for the last two seasons resulting
i believe to have lost around 20 gold balls due to not being able to play tournament games
£40m per day for 17 days //£680M// due to not being able to collect shops and stadium money as well as play gc and tournament games
as well as 17 days worth of training. which i set alarms every two hours for all day. as well as one 3am for a 4 hour train
resulting in a loss of 140/150 average training point loss.
after 27 messages between my self and admin and them admitting they was to blame they credited me with 50 gold balls
so i was compensated £4.99 altho in that time they lost £30 from me
and since then a further £60 becuse i refuse to spend money on the game any more
Thanks for reading
Hull Fc - Sean

25/12/17 12:45
Congratulations on previously keeping Sweetnitro in business Sean for all the freeloaders.
25/12/17 22:27
In all honesty mate I wasn't even the top spending in my guild. But the other lad has stopped spending now after I had shown him all the screen shots ect. He is a professional rugby league ref and used to spend silly money and He game. 5+ promotions every season. They be turned into right money grabber recently
27/12/17 00:07
Exactly the issue and plenty have spent more. Sadly many walking away from the game as a result.
31/12/17 12:36
Soon sweetnitro will be closed down on rugby manager and then they want to ask what happened?
08/02/18 19:12
@Sean, exact same thing has just happened to me, how do I get my account back?