Choice of GvG opponents

30/12/17 15:11
It would be great to be able to at least sometimes choose your gvg opponents. Not get rid of the random choice altogether, but say choose your opponent once or twice in any given championship. The rest can be randomly allocated. That way you can choose to challenge yourself (as a Guild) and play difficult opponents or choose an easier gvg to get a few more wins.
30/12/17 16:12
I like the idea but...Who will be doing the choosing? Both guilds might not agree on the given opponent so it's a tough one. Some guilds may only choose easy opponents and take advantage of the system.

Maybe a challenge option with an accept timer that expires after say an hour or something?
31/12/17 12:39
Yes, I agree Fluffy. Infact, we will then never get any challenges... If you get to choose...