Árena Øf ChampionS and now Webb Ellis

12/01/18 11:39
I know we are good (Hawaii Try-0) but come on! Give us a break! First Árena Øf ChampionS in Guild Challenge, (who I personally think are the best guild in the game) and then straight after them, the 2nd best guild in the game for a second time in a matter of weeks! Webb Ellis!

Time to change the time we search for Guild Challenges, me thinks lol

Give us a break Sweet Nitro lol

Loving the friendly banter though Webb Ellis, hopefully we put up a better fight this time.
12/01/18 18:46
Thanks for the comment Romford. The challange was fun tho.
All the best for you.

Arena Of Champions

12/01/18 23:06
Good to know we're searching at a similar time to both Arena and BIA. Hopefully get one or both of them soon. You're a top guild Romford at Hawaii, well done on playing all of your games and giving it a shot. Hopefully we'll meet again in the future.
14/01/18 17:21
Your welcome guys, we will hopefully give you a better challenge next time.

15/01/18 11:19
A work in progress. You'll only get stronger. Don't have teams onboard just to make up the numbers. It's better to have 18 teams that are all onboard than have 25 and only 18 are doing what is asked of them. Basically, keep doing what you're doing! Good luck.
15/01/18 12:21
Exactly what Bluemooners said mate. Only have active members, Plus the less members you have then the better chance of having a more even GC. You won't have to carry the inactive teams then.
Good luck and hope you grow strong as a guild.