Energy Recovery Rate

20/12/20 14:10
Has anyone else noticed how much energy recovery rate has dropped? Was there an announcement about this that I missed?
21/12/20 14:00
Yes it has been noticed and no, there was no announcement, they just did it. Doesn't affect me and other Visa teams that much but a total nightmare for AH only teams especially with increased injuries they are reporting in Guilds. Not a good move by SN as they are still potential future customers even though they do not spend now but by doing this they are more likely to just drive them away from the game.

Not the sharpest pins in the box.
23/12/20 20:06
Im not bothered by it tbh , it means jack anyway in this stupid game you can do a full 8 hour intensive training play a gc straight after and win done it many times myself health means for nothing. I have also been challenged straight after i've done intensive training and had opponents lose out. Nitro have no brains like this