New map ideas

23/04/18 19:25
Hey all I have as I'm sure you all do some ideas for new maps so please comment on mine and add your own to this topic in any language you like

1 a circular map with either a hole in the middle or a fixed spike wheel

2 a trap door map similar to the lava map but instead of burning at the end of each turn the floor disappears and reappears every 2 turns and anybody on the trap door falls into a hole this will encourage the use of aviator, ghost and astronaut

3 a map with 4 areas that deploy spikes from the floor alternately

4 a PAC man style map where you can exit the map from one area and com out of another

I have more ideas but that's a few to get this started and who knows the Devs might make some of them looking forward to reading everybody else's
23/04/18 22:29
1.) Simple Basic but Efficient, I like the idea
2.) Why not, good point is they dont really need to creat a new map for that, as Lava exists already it's all about readjusting it
3.) Okay but that would do a second map with spikes, maybe smth totally new like a Booster that thow away any unit in contact ?
4.) I like the portal idea too, would be reaaaaaaaal fun with Mr.8 Inside and projectiles thrown though it haha

I will add one idea for the moment but I had hundreds in my head too haha
Why not a map with 2 Missiles falling randomly every 2 turns ( with for exemple a shadow on the ground one turn before that announces the falling location ), that obviously deal some damages ? That would force people to moove strategically static units according to the missile's location and would be fun for the Cyclo character's release haha
24/04/18 12:37
Loving the missiles idea you could call it cyclo's silo lol
24/04/18 18:32
There's so much possibilities !

2. I'm afraid that static units would be too strong, but why not.

4. This would make great gifs !

5. I like your bombing idea Torvick (note : the two bombs should be symmetric from the middle of the arena).
25/04/18 14:10
Hi guys!

Area 42 was initially going to be like Torvick's suggestion but we felt it was too similar to the lava gameplay. But such a map should appear in the future, won't be random though but a predefined, symmetrical sequence so that it's 1. fair for both sides, 2. favors skill and memorizing the sequence.

A circular map would not fit the screen nicely, so we'd have to zoom out a lot.

The portals idea is a bit tricky to implement but indeed a cool idea
25/04/18 15:23
Yo Neuronix as I can catch you there ( on this post ) ( Edit : ok i'm 1 hour late..), could we have an idea of when will come the next patch and what does it contain ? I could have read many times on the forum that cool features are coming " on next update " " on next patch " " in the future " etc... but nowhere any clue of when would it be
26/04/18 12:11
Next patch should be next week, guild recruiting improvements, character rebalancing among the other improvements
23/06/18 14:16
football arena
18/10/18 09:04
double arena
player and GILDA