Guilds, chat, and salaries

10/04/15 16:10
Hello everyone,

You can now build a Guild hall and join a guild. Guild mates can chat with each other and soon they could help each other by sending heal packs.

If you are in a league level 2 or more, your players' requested salaries will be increased tomorrow and you should have a look to the finances page to reset your players' moral.
The maximum match bonus has been increased too.
28/04/15 15:40
When will the guild list increase - the top 10 guild are either all full or set to "by invitation" or by a certain fan number - this means that new players cannot join existing guilds.
17/06/15 13:46
I also found it hard to join a guild as top 10 guilds were either full or by invitation
17/06/15 15:02
You now have a list of recommended guilds you can join immediately.
27/07/15 09:12
How do you send heal packs in a guild?
27/07/15 09:55
Open the chat (arrow button on the left of the screen) and you will see your guildmates' heal packs requests.
22/09/15 20:23
There is a problem tho PEOPLE NEVER TALK
23/09/15 15:07
join another guild where they do talk
29/11/15 19:21
Pues Me Parece Muy Bien Esta Actualizacion Que Han Metido Al Juego
30/11/15 10:29
Saminator, our guild members can't stop talking !! So as SA Swans said, try joining another guild