New training matches

23/07/15 16:54
Hello everyone,

The training match system evolve! Instead of starting a match against a random opponent, you will now see a map where you will find a set of opponents. This way you can analyze them before playing. The rewards will depend on the number of fan of your opponent but you will only get these rewards if you win (so nothing if you loose or on a draw).

When you win a match, the opponent is removed from the map and a new opponent arrives every 4 hours (with a max of 5). After 24 hours, if you were not able to win, you will be able to change the opponent.

Now you can also loose fans if you loose a match (except friendly matches). The loss depends on the fan difference between the 2 teams.

Have fun!
The Football Chamions team
23/07/15 17:53
Very interesting change .. Thanks
23/07/15 19:37
23/07/15 20:24
But ... I already bought 22 new young players and now I can not train them!!!
Please anouns the changes earler then launch.
23/07/15 23:17
gretna12 > there is no modification on trainings
23/07/15 23:28
Interesting, but please fix the bugs. I mean that after you win a match the rewards showed are the same if you play another match against the same opponent, but in real you get only 500 $ and the number of fans of your opponent doesn`t gets smaller! Thanks and best regards!
24/07/15 10:11
If you play another time against the same opponent it's a friendly match (and not a training match) so that's normal.
24/07/15 10:28
Of course it`s a training match second time too, because my players get training points. The fact is that now i can`t play any training match because no player is shown to be available. I think that is an issue because active players can`t train their players in training matches like before.
24/07/15 11:30
I sugest that at least one player to be showned so we can play training matches with him untill the rest will apear.
24/07/15 13:35
Have stadium buildings upgrade times been affected by this patch? I've notices some building have an extra 12 hour added to the upgrade time (to what it was yesterday)..