Health appears now to have zero effect on if you win/ lose

13/08/17 14:09
I am a 195 rated team I played someone in a GC also similar rated but only reason I went for him is because he had 64% health and I got a good beating despite having full health , My guild member suduko has now reverted to doing a full intensive before every league game and has gone from struggling to not finish bottom to promoted he tells me he's changed nothing other than how he trains.

So can anyone explain how a tired team can be more successful than a fully healthed one?
13/08/17 17:55
Strange, maybe you're just not very good?
13/08/17 18:24
championship level 44 mate is all i'll say to that
14/08/17 09:59
Ash regardless of weather you are level 44 or not.. your opponant could have just had a strategy which exposed your strateiges weaknesses.. even the best teams in game lose games they shouldnt .. i belive there are a lot more important things than health of your players.. but i will make sure my players are 100 per cent every game
14/08/17 10:38
Ash knows championship 44 very well. This is his 5th crack at it. Chin up, mate.
14/08/17 17:50
i hv monitored this for quite a while with my team's and if you pick on a team that only 60% energy or more but has a high morale % it cancels it out as the morale of a team seems to be more important than energy
14/08/17 22:32
Yeah I just find it a bit ridiculous how I could be on 60% health an opponent could challenge me 100% and it have absolutely no bearing on the result meaning I may as well do a training every 4 hr I can be online to get max training points potentially in a day you easy get 12-15 points per day if you had the hrs whereas before I would restrict my training depending on what games I had on when
16/08/17 08:43
Interesting idea Ashley but unlike you I'm not getting up in the middle of the night to start another training session. Also I have lost games on low energy though moral is 100% I never let it drop below 98% so even at it lowest that should give me a win then but that does not always happen