Error #3780

29/08/17 11:00

I seem to have this error #3780 keep coming up (means I can't zoom in and out) has anyone else had this? And if so, how did you fix it?

Thanks in advance.
31/08/17 00:27
It's your browser - Firefox? - use a different one
01/09/17 09:22
MKSpurs... If you read this mate ..I lost ALL my stuff on BOTH my accounts and cant get it back... just kick my teams if they are still there as there is NOTHING I can do... sorry mate. Good luck

(AFC Millwall)
02/09/17 01:53
Sorry to hear that John Hopefully you might find some kind of solution, but if not, it was a pleasure to get to know you my friend. As my Uncle Alan would have sang:- "No one likes us, we don't care..."

Take care mate
- BEN (MK)
02/09/17 08:43
Good luck MK from World elite looking forward to the game your team have really come along way it's the first time I think you are probably the favoured side on depth but i'm hoping we can play our two latest recruits but cos of the 48hr rule thing i'm unsure
02/09/17 09:10
You too Ben... I,m starting another Team... but its gonna take ages to get there mate.... Hopefully see you in the guild sometime in the future if you are still there.

Glad you saw my message, I didn't want you guys to think I had just given up and deserted you.

AFC Millwall
02/09/17 09:24
AFC Milwall I have an idea for you , with your new side join friends 2 or whatever the second guild in friends is if theres a space whilst you work your way back i'm sure in time you'll be back good luck in the rebuild shame you won't be able to play against us
02/09/17 23:50
whatever the outcome of the GC between ourselves and Friends I wanna say what a cracking GC it's been MK send your lads my respect I had to pull out all the stops to compete with your you've got a fab team there with some great players pleasure to play and I hope we meet again sure we will at somepoint
03/09/17 14:28
If you are still having trouble with zooming in & out go back to the old version of Firefox & stop it updating there is something not quite right with the current version
03/09/17 23:27
Thx Ashley Bignose, sadly very few of your lads have my respect. What a guild you have, specifically YOU, C4MBRIDGE, MKS lodz, kiwi gold - so so sad that you had to deny the inevitable by playing with yourselves for a whole hour stupid. Managed to ground zero any respect I had for your entire guild with your cowardly and unsportsmanship actions.

Well done on the GC win, I'll do my best to let everyone know what most already know anyway, what a you are.

Oh, before I forget, glad you've spouted loads about never spending a penny on the game because tactics are key - noticed your pack players too....