Get rid of "World Elite"

03/09/17 23:34
I don't ever comment because it just isn't worth the hassle, but lol...

SOME MEMBERS of World Elite and their "LEADER" Ashley Bignose should be removed from this game, so their mums don't find out what cowards they really are.....
03/09/17 23:57
but you wouldn't be crying over it had you have won the GC would you? I actually thought you guys gave us a great game and had it been the opposite way round and you'd of thought like myself you'd of done the same I'm not the first person who has deployed that and I won't be the last you come across that i'm sure . I know of guilds who actually do what we did. unsporting yes i'll give you that but there is nothing to stop any guild on the game deploying the tact we did.
04/09/17 00:20
It was pathetic. I've seen it before, just never before from a "British" guild. Gutless cowards, why bother playing???
04/09/17 00:57
Classless schoolyard tactic. Couldn't handle losing so resorted to bad sportsmanship. You've all but admitted it yourself. Saw the writing on the wall, did you ashley?

Longschnoz United

04/09/17 01:17
World Elite have way dropped in my eyes, where's your honour and dignity?
04/09/17 06:49
Well i must admit i have deployed them tactics before.. i have even seen them used in friends before when i had my reserve team there.. i mean its a bit sad when a guild feels the need to cry to the whole game about losing a challenge.. my i be the first to congratulate you ash on a good guild challenge win.. even if it was against cry babies
04/09/17 07:51
Will whales, I've been in friends a long time. We've always had more class than that. Remind me when we used that tactic again? I could care less about winning a guild challenge. I do care about exposing frauds though - world elite coordinated an hours worth of friendlies so they didn't lose a guild challenge and you applaud their victory? Get wrecked, will...

04/09/17 08:08
You know if Friends previously didn't change some of there names to offend World Elite then we wouldn't be in this position! Changing your guild name and players names in our last challenges has just pissed a lot of our members of...So yeah, we are all willing to do what it takes to win especially against players who are going to disrespect people. Further more your putting a post on here saying get rid of world elite? Fuck me talk about spitting your dummy out the pram...just accept that you were beat... yet Again.

04/09/17 09:06
Win or lose, really not bothered! Just warning others of the shabby tactics that World Elite use so that everyone knows what they can expect. You can be pleased as punch with yourselves for behaving that way, whatever floats ur boat,
04/09/17 10:52
I agree c4mbridge.. very sore losers.. then again i wouldnt expsct any less from ballbags like mk spurs.. he is only at friends cos none of the big guile wanted him hense why he is slumming it there haha