20/10/18 20:22
Chaps can't join yet as have a GC (!) so tomorrow sometime hopefully - cheers, B

Keep "MK" on standby for a little grilling lol
21/10/18 08:39
Yeah it seems we've got an imposter in the ranks, right now. He thinks he's clever, too. I say we all carpool down to Leeds and run a train on his mother!
21/10/18 14:47
Ball So Hard University :

Yeah it seems we've got an imposter in the ranks, right now. He thinks he's clever, too. I say we all carpool down to Leeds and run a train on his mother!

big nose cannot accept the fact we dislike him n has to create a team n name the team after mk spurs? i thought he said the legends are poison? guess who is the desperate imposter who seeks acceptance? grow up, pinocchio!
21/10/18 16:04
it's not that the fact you guys dislike me i dont even have a problem with you or any of your members other than zap himself ,it's a personal thing against zap you can't go around threatening to go knock the ..... out of someone and say you'll even come to my hometown and meetp and not expect a reaction of some sort, I dont think anyone in the right mind would take to that kindly.
21/10/18 16:28
fair enough but do you know why, and will you be truthful about why our crazy but fair leader despises you? after the spat between zap n greg, which the rest of us read as greg misunderstanding what zap was saying n that little boy thought zap was having a go at him n won't shut up? if only he could read English and understand things as they were written! phew!

then, like a "saviour n hero", u came to our guild n made accusations and was judgemental WITHOUT ASKING about the other side of the story??? that's why the rest of us told u to piss off. trying to impress a young boy without knowing the actual facts? or r u trying to groom greg? why would a grown up little man be so cosy with a young boy?

wake up, pal, n grow up, n do not try to use zap as an excuse to get into greg's pants!!! if zap was what u claimed he is, then we would all have left the guild n would not stand up for him.

p.s. our Iranian guild mate just told us you said very racist n anti-Islamic things in his previous guild, Azerbaijan. u really r such a sicko.
21/10/18 16:59
Well said, thinkerman, but stupid little boys will never accept the painful truth that he is not wanted & he even offered to help us after he was caught out impersonating MK Spurs? What's that all about? How low is your self-esteem, Ash? Best thing is our Zap cannot be asked to even respond and just laughed it off. As should the rest of us!
21/10/18 17:00
totally agree guys i don't say much because this forum is a joke with people like u ash u left and come bk more times than i can count so you must like the game but all you do is moan and groan. its about time you grew up and played fair with fellow players that have come up the ranks with you!! as for stealing teams from my guild and other guild your as big a cheat as anyone and now i have found out your using 1 of my teams names how low can someone get very disappointing you have 2 choices (I won't call you mate because mates don't do things you do) either play the game has it set up (and yes i know its not brilliant in fact rubbish) but i play it cos i want to. Or quit the game like you have threaten to but can't because you can not find anywhere else to wing like a baby!
21/10/18 17:06
i've never and would never joined an iranian team. I also can't read or understand persian as thats been fed back to me. i can list all the guilds here i've had involvements with

world elite
heavy metal
team wales
idiosyncratic legends
kelly gang - australian team
english prem

on the zap thing yes greg wanted me to have a look at his account and see for myself what zap had said and some of his pm's which obvs you guys dont see were of language i'd never use as a guild leader myself , from what i read i may be wrong it sounded like zap exploded at greg just cos he didn't follow a 12 hr rule i had my say and it just from there we never saw eye to eye and it all just got really personal and nasty . I apologise it spilled onto your chat it wasn't needed i should of just msg zap personally rather than go public. the forum post was very heat of the moment if i could remove the toxic zap post i would i'll ask sn to take it down right now hopefully they will .
21/10/18 17:14
Greg played in that guild challenge, so, you were lied to by him, not us as we read it as a little boy thinking the world is all about him. You should have asked Zap what was going on instead of coming to our guild and trying to "listen" to both sides of the story like the rest of us. Move on, Ash, and concentrate on your team and playing the game. If not, retire and then come back again, and again, and again. We do not give a damn about you, so, we thank you but your offer to bring your team to join us is not needed as we are a rubbish guild, etc, according to you!
21/10/18 17:19
best thing zap said in our guild is that he doesn't give a damn to whatever u are saying n thinks of himself as being unimportant! secretly, i think he is chuffed u are making him feel the opposite! guess the joke is on u, ashley!
hope zap doesn't get carried away with the fame!!! lmao

p.s. we trust our Iranian guild mate, not u!