The English speaking guild open to all for recruiting

01/11/18 22:09
Hello to all - Our guild was formerly known as American Outlaws, but about half the guild has decided to revive their old TDM guild that played together and do their own thing. So, we have renamed our guild to The English speaking guild and it is open to anyone and everyone.

If you are interested in joining, you can find myself (Jem Hadar: Victory is Life) or Legia or Manhattan Beach usually in the top 100 (which isn't too hard to do...just look for the American flag). From there, it's wide open with no requirements for fans and you can feel free to join. Obviously, we speak lots of English.

Once it fills up for the most part, we'll shut it back down to a fan level requirement and go from there, but for now, if anyone is looking for a guild that speaks English, you would be warmly welcomed by all of us. Everyone is very friendly.

03/11/18 14:15
hi, jem, what a shame to see American Outlaws disbanding as u guys were doing great and making the top-level teams uncomfortable, unlike some here in the forum who just bitch and moan, and are no match for the Iranians, etc.

you guys were great, still great, and long may you continue to thrive.

03/11/18 20:20
Thanks Black Hat!! We are almost back up to 20, so the game will once again go on.

The other guys love being Pimps and I wish them all the best. It is not easy finding new players, but not impossible, either. If anything, it's kind of fun and exciting to shake it up and do a reset.

You'll still see me, Legia, and Manhattan floating around in the top 100. The guild will most likely remain open for the forseeable future as no doubt some of the new guys will end up being duds and will be replaced. The cycle of life, eh?

Best wishes buddy!!
04/11/18 13:33
Hi, Jem, that is great as this game needs players like you guys who are determined and always try to be better. All the best.
04/11/18 18:43
Now we're up to 22 and life can go on as it was. Good to see Legion of Legends representing at the top. That's a fine looking guild there indeed (and always entertaining reading your Idiosyncratic thread and posts).