is this how bad the game is?

04/01/20 00:32
Hello i'm leader at Rebels we played an iranian guild that is way way out of our league tbf lads did brilliantly getting what they they could beating every guy under level 100 and we even took one or two of the 100's+ out and nobody minds getting beat like but to put us against the same guild we was convincingly well beat by less than 48 hours ago I just think is very poor of the game tbh especially when theres 100's of other guilds out there personally think they need to make it in such a way you can't replay the same guild twice in a season just a thought .

You can check any member of mine the game dates are/ will be

1/1/2020-2/1/2020 and where now playing them again 3/1/2020 which will run into 4/1/2020 same players
05/01/20 13:00
They have screwed this one up better to go back to the original way it was