Fairplay to England 2066

19/05/20 13:28
I wanna just say as Leader of rebels how fantastic our competitors in GC was you guys may have lost but with commitment like that you'll beat a lot of teams I was really impressed by the activity of your teams and how when you was beat you still carried on and tried to get points where possible and didn't give up
14/07/20 17:47
Thanks for the compliment Ashley. We try hard and as the top team in the guild I try hard to encourage participation in gc matches even just for the money. Results don't matter to us just playing is what we want to see. Best wishes Wayne (Newcastle) in the guild
15/07/20 08:55
Hey Newcastle! Miss ya lot at England 2066. Pass my regards to Roselands. Hope you guys are all good. Will never forget that England 2066 is the guild where I grew up in